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Faces of the 6th

The Photographic History of original members of the

6th North Carolina State Troops

Copyright (C) 1999-2013, compiled by Historian, Rick Walton

The following photographs are of original members of the "Bloody Sixth". We are honored to include their images here.

Please send your 6th NCST ancestor's images to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to be included here.


Private Christopher McDaniel  Photo

Private Christopher McDaniel

Photo & Bio Courtesy of his Descendant
Marty Christopher McDaniel

Private Christopher McDaniel
Company C


Prior Occupation: Farmer
Enlisted: September 22, 1862 for the war
Where: Burke County
Age at enlistment: 25
Wounded: Gettysburg July 1,1863
Captured: in field hospital at Gettysburg and confined to DeCamp General Hospital, Davids Island, New York Harbor
Paroled: September 16, 1863 exchanged at City Point, Va.
Furloughed: August 30, 1863 
Carried as Absent wounded on the rolls through December 1864

Christopher McDaniel enlisted on September 22, 1862 at age 25 with his three brothers Jesse, age 27, John, age 33 and William, age 23. Christopher was nicknamed "Kiddy" by his friends.

Christopher was wounded in the right foot on the first day of Gettysburg.He didn't receive medical attention for three days. When he finally did get a surgeon, his wound caused amputation of most of his right foot. Hewas captured by Union soldiers on July 5th. He was then sent to the prison camp at David's Island New York, where he received more medical attention at DeCamp General Hospital.  He was exchanged at City Point VA and was determined unfit for duty because of the loss of his foot.  He walked from there to his home in Burke County using only his rifle as a crutch.

We don't know when he died, but some family members remember hearing stories from their fathers and mothers which said that he lived past the turn of the century and was alive as late as the 1920's.

All three brothers died in defense of their homeland. William was also wounded and captured at Gettysburg and died at DeCamp hospital on July 28, 1863. John died in Plymouth of  wounds April 18, 1864. Jesse died of typhoid fever in a Richmond hospital on November 15, 1862



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